Watch Janhvi Kapoor’s reaction as she reveals her phobia

They might be bold to play out a trick in an activity film or shoot in the spookiest area for their movies however does that mean entertainers and artists are dauntless? In a new meeting with late morning’s Parul Sharma, Roohi entertainers Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor discussed a portion of their most nonsensical feelings of dread and fears. All things considered, they make certain to overwhelm you.

“I have Trypophobia. I have a dread of bunches of little openings,” Janhvi Kapoor uncovered, with a reasonable disturb appearance all over. For the unversed, Trypophobia is most usually called as “dread of openings” and is connected to a physiological reaction more connected with sicken than dread. Kapoor even uncovered in the meeting that one of her “silly” apprehensions is that she is frightened of number 8. “It’s a notion, really. I have been informed that number 8 for another person has been unfortunate. Yet, it’s unfortunate of another person, so it isn’t generally an unfortunate number. Despite the fact that, I actually get terrified of number 8. Anything to do with number 8. Like I try not to meet on the eighth or seventeenth or 26th of the month or keep away from shootings, such as beginning shooting on that day. On that day, the whole day I continue to think, ‘Kuch toh galat sharpen wala hai’ (something incorrectly will occur).”

At the point when gotten some information about his most nonsensical dread, Rajkummar Rao said, “I feel that one day I will not have the option to act. I feel one day I will go on a set and I just will not have the option to break it.”

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